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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pyramids Page 2 What Tricks and Traps are in a Pyramid? Did You Know? What tricks an traps are in a pyramid? Pyramids had mazes of passages and rooms. The Pyramid builders tried to hide the entrance and blocked internal passages with large pieces of stones. The Middle Kingdom kings added extra passages and false shafts to trick the robbers. Did You Know that Pyramids were made between 2700 and 2200 B.C? Did You Know that Pyramids were made in Nubia, and cities along the Nile River? Did You Know it would take at least 20 years to make a Pyramid depending on size, the number of workers, and efficiency of workers? Who made the Pyramids? Who made the Pyramids? Architects and Planners were very experienced. Quarry men got the stones out of the ground. Mason's shaped the stones. Painters displayed the walls of the tomb. Sculptors created the statues and carvings. Farmers helped because they had to leave their land because of the Nile flooding for some time each year. Prisoners helped because of labor tax. Both Farmers and Prisoners did the heavy work of moving stones. What tools did they use to make Pyramids? What tools did they use to make the Pyramids? They used a special tool called the merkhet to calculate the squares of a pyramid. They used smooth stones to give roughly cut and shaped blocks of stone a smooth surface. Mason's used copper and bronze chisels to add detail. Some rocks were so hard to chisel with bronze or copper so the Egyptians used dolerite, a very hard stone. What were Pyramids made for? What were Pyramids made for? Pyramids were made for pharaohs. Pyramids were made for pharaohs because those who helped believe that if they helped the pharaoh get to heaven, he would look after them in the next world.
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