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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pyramids What are Pyramids? What is a pyramid? Pyramids were help for dead pharaohs to achieve eternal life. The mystery of why the Egyptians chose the pyramid shape has not yet been solved. Many believe that it may have developed from earlier burial mounds, or it could have been a symbol of the suns rays, or it was a symbol of a stairway to heaven. What are Pyramids made of? What were pyramids made of? Pyramids were made of stones from quarry's in deserts nearby. Each block weighed about 2.5 tons. Did you know that The Great Pyramid of Giza is made out of 2,300,000 blocks of stone. How do they make Pyramids? How do they make Pyramids? They make pyramids by planning where it should be. They would choose a place on the West Bank of the Nile where the sunsets. But why? The Egyptians would choose an area like this because of religious beliefs. Another reason why a pyramid would be along the river was because the stones arrive by boat. The pyramid would need a sturdy base of rock that would not crack under the heavy weight of the pyramid. Then the site would be leveled and then the true north would be calculated, so the sides would be lined up with the 4 compass points. We think the Egyptians had done this by using the stars since they didn't have compasses. To place the blocks of stone the Egyptians would use a ramp to place the stones in its area. Do You Know? Did You Know that pyramids can contain treasures such as jewelry, food, plants, and more? Did You Know? Page 1
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