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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Other perspective acknowledge but considered wrongAuthority gives only right answer; "We are right; they are wrong"Questions have multiple answers, but only one rightMost entering college freshmen What are Dioxines? With the generic term of Dioxines we indicate a group of 210 aromatic polychlorinated chimic compounds which are composed by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine and which are divided in two family: dibenzene-p-dioxin(PCDD or properly dioxines) and dibenzene-p-furans (PCDF or furans). Effects of Dioxines The main effects of dioxines as far as the human Health is concerned are a illness called chlorineacn e,alteration son the endochrine system, fertility riductions, growth disturbs,ca rcinogenity andalso immune system can be affect at last With a consisting riduction of lymphocyte s. Significative informationPosition 3 ContextualRelativismPosition 5 CommitmentUnforeseenPosition 6 Relativism accepted for secular purposes-judgment/actionCommitment perceived logically necessary for action or "felt" as neededReactions may include eagerness, ambivalence, dismay, simple acceptance First commitment to personal valuesAcceptance of origins in experiences and choicesKnowledge has ethical implications synthesized into personal philosophy InitialCommitmentPosition 7 Orientation in Implications CommitmentPosition 8 Realize implications of commitment: tentative/final; expansion/narrowness; freedom/restraint; action/reflectionValues/occupations as authorityIdentity in content of commitment KnowledgePosition 9 Evolution of awarenessAscending levels of consciousnessNew perspectives - discard those of no useAccept some conflict may not be resolved; come to terms with continuing struggleRarely reached by college students. C4H4O2 Concentration of dioxines in subsoil water: 1,5*10-3 mg/kgLimit valors of emission: 4*10-6 mg/l
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