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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7 steps to insure you're on time Step 4 Anticipate delays and plan accordingly. There's always something that can go wrong with transportation, look for alternative routes, and have a plan B. Keep the essentials near the door. Once you're ready to leave, instead of having to rush around and searchfor your keys, you can leave them in a spotthat you know you'll see. Then all you'll have to do is grab, and go! Step 2 Get rid of things that are a waist of time. We all havethings we do in the morning that aren't necessary. Finding themand getting rid of them can give you a large amount of time. Step 5 *Tip: Keep track of time and time of how long it takes you to do each task.- Showering- Watch TV- Cooking breakfast- Eating breakfast- Doing make-up- Picking an outfit- Getting items together Step 7 People often have such a hard timebeing punctual because they havesuch a hard time changing their attitude about it. Acknowledge that it's difficult and start by making small changes. Step 3 Plan on being there 15 minutes early. This way you give yourself time and if you arrive "late" you'll still likely be on time. Step 6 Don't hit the snooze button!I know it's tempting, and you want to roll back over for a few minutes, but don't.You'll have more time and energy if you just get up and move. Step 1 Have everything ready the night before. Doing this will keep you from having to rushand make decisions that can takeunnecessarily long. You can set you're watch 5 minutes ahead. It will give you just a little extra time if you often find yourself leaving later than you should have.
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