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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PuertoRico Geography Climate Social Economic Sources By Easton & Keaton RANDOM FACTS Puerto Rico has a dry southern coast, a fertile northern coastal plain.Eastern Mountains, El Yanque rain forest. Several distructive hurricanes have hit the island. The most recent one being one of the worst. The population is 3,620,897.76% of the Puerto Rico population is Hispanic.The other 7% is African American.In Puerto Rico waving your hand withyour palm up is improper.If you wiggle your nose that is a way of asking "whats going on?"85% of the population is Roman Catholic.Puerto Ricans favorite sport is baseball.. Puerto Rico produces coffee, sugar cane, and tobacco plantations. Today Puerto Rico has huge companiesthat produce medicine, electronics, and chemicals.Puerto Rico is in 7 billion dollars in debt.Not even one percent of the population is now engaged in agriculture. geography alive (book) 12.5% in Services 8.6% in Government 19.5% in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate The climate in Puerto Ricois always 70 to 80Degrees year round.Mildly Tropical.Very windy april-november Mostly sunny year round with winds from april-november. CAPITOL: SAN JUAN There are SEVERAL forest in puerto rico. 0.9% in Industrial 8.0% in Trade Puerto Ricans usually marry at age 16 and 17. Puerto ricos climate is mildly tropical with warm sunny weatherRain falls normallybetween May and December. Women usually don't change their maiden name when they get married. Puerto Ricos time zone is Atlantic Standard. Puerto Rico's favorite sport is baseball. 0.6% Agriculture 1.7% Public Transportation 46.3% Manufacturing
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