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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Robert Sternberg developed thetriangulation theory.Triangulation theory is the theorythat intimacy, passion, andcommitment are all the necessarycomponents of a successfulrelationship. HORMONES: Testosterone and Estrogen- drivefeelings of lust.Adrenaline- causes you're heart tobeat faster and you to sweat.Dopamin- gives focused attention andthe craving/motivation to get thedesired reward.Serotonin- drop in serotonin levelscauses obsessive thinking.Oxytocin- makes us more sympathetic.Vasopressin- makes us committed. Love is an intense feeling of deepaffection. There are three stages oflove: Initial feelings of lust orromantic feelings, physicalattraction, and a deep emotionalattachment. The Psychology of Love Oxytocin iscalled the"love potion"because of itsrole insocialrecognition,pair bonding,andmaternal behaviors Six orientations of love: Eros- romanticor passionate love, Ludus- uncommittedlove, Storge- friendship based love,Pragma- a pragmatic relationship,Mania- obsessive or possesive love,Agupe- gentle/caring, brotherly typeof love. FLIRTING:Females: eye contact, get in his spacebriefly, use his name.Males: look at eyes, don't look down,make her laugh, be curious.General: be playful, show interest, beunatainable. FACTS:Men fall in love faster.Women fall in love more.It only takes four minutes to decide wether you like someone or not.Cuddling releases natural painkillers. Songs about love:I Don't Care If You're Contagiousby Pierce The VeilIf Im James Dean, Then You'reAudrey Hepburn by Sleeping WithSirensOh Darling by Plug In StereoAbout A Girl by The Summer SetHad Me At Hello by A Day ToRemember
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