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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Nothing moved but a pair of gaudy butterflies that danced round eachother in the hot air." (57). v Psychological Setting It is silent in the forest. Nothing is moving or making a sound, except two butterflies. This adds a little serinity to the island. "The mirages had died away and gloomily he ran his eyes along the taut blue line of the horizon," (65). The hallucinations and tricks of the heat are gone. What Ralph sees is real. Ralph looks out sadly not expecting to see a ship. When he sees one, he thinks they will all be saved because the fire on the mountain. When he looks up, there is no smoke. He is furious. "A sudden breeze shook the fringe of palm trees, so that the fronds tossed and fluttered. Sixty feet above Roger, several nuts, fibrous lumps as big as rugby balls, were loosed from their stems. They fell about him with a series of hard thumps and he was not touched," (62). While Roger is trying to overhear the main guys, the breeze makes it so he can't hear him. I think this shows that Roger isn't as curtail for other people. He is not included with the other boys. The nuts didn't fall on him, but they fell. "The great Pacific tide was coming in and every few seconds the relatively still water of the lagoon heaved forward an inch," (61). This picture is calm and pretty. It helps show the vision of deep blue ocean with waves crashing on the shore. "A flurry of wind made the palms talk and the noise seemed very loud now that darkness and silence made it so noticeable. Two grey trunks rubbed each other with an evil speaking that no one had noticed by day" (89). This adds tension to the meeting. It also adds an errie mood to the meeting. "The taut blue horizon encircled them, broken only by the mountaintop." (105). When Ralph looks out, he is surrounded by water. He can't see any land ahead. It makes him feel like he doesn't have a future ahead. "There was no light left save that of the stars," (95). It is night. It only light left are the stars. This shows there is also no hope left. Because the fire is gone too. "The bushes crashed ahead of them." (113). The bushes cracked in front, implyng that something is ahead of them. "Then the wave came back, the gully boiled before themand spray dashed up to the very creeper so that the boys were wet and shreiking." (116). The water made them wet. It causes discomfort. "As the fire died down, so did the excitement, " (130) It gives off an awkward tone.
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