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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American Italian vs EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENTChosen by general electionfor 4 years. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTSElected by a Presidential appointment. -Conduct the administration of the National Government regulations. INDEPENDENT AGENCIESElected by a Presidential appointment. -Help carry out policy. -Provide special services. SUPREME COURT -Nince justices. -Presidential appointment. -For life. -Interprets laws according to the Constitution. -May declare actions of the Exectuive and Legislative branches unconstitutional. LOWER FEDERAL COURTS -Presidential appointment. -For life. -Decide cases that involve Constitution and federal laws. LEGISLATIVE System of Government SENATE -Two senators from each state. -State election. For 6 years -Writes new laws. -Sets federal taxes. -Approve presidential appointments HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES -Number of Representatives varies according to state population -State election. For 2 yeas -Overrules presidential vetoes. -Approves treaties. -Declares war. Impeaches a President. PARLAMENT SENATE -315 Members -State election. For 5 years HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES -630 Members -State election. For 5 yeas POWERS -Enact laws. -Functions of Political and Control. -Approve the balance. LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT MINISTERSUntil the resignation or termination of government. GOVERN -Apply Laws. -Manage the armed forces. -Conducts foreign affairs. -Manage pubblic administration. JUDICIAL JUDICIARY -President. -Members of law. -First President of the Supreme court. -Attorney General of the Court of Cassation. -2/3 of all the ordinary judges. belonging to the various categories. -1/3 by the Parliament in joint session.
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