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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Partido Humanista values are-: Foment, promote, and generate a culture of the human rights towards the militants, towards the citizenship, and demand that all the authorities in the ambit of their competition to promote them, respect, protect, and guarantee, and in consequences the state should repair those who are violated.Promote the citizens empowerment through participative democracy, in the fundamental government decisions through citizen consult, referendum, popular incentives, and those who sport to the strengthening of full citizenship, guaranteeing the freedom, autonomy, and independence from the people's participation, and with use of the technologies to favor the inclusion and participation of all.Foment a culture that eradicates the practices of corruption, simulation, and; strengthen the validity in the culture of human rights.Promote them the full citizenship implies the citizen's obligation to chose the rulers and popular representatives. Foment and strengthen the participation of the organizations of the civil society in the interlocution with the government and in the design of public politics.Strengthen policies regarding violence prevention, with perspective of human rights and peaceThe hardships that the Partido Humanista faces is tha fact that they are a relatively new party and they have to face bigger and older parties such a as the PRI, PAN and PRD.They are a center-pointing-left party that has very mixed points of view. Partido Humanista Partido Humanista
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