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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Headgear prevents concussions from collisions. Soccer players should have to wear protective headgear when they play in games because headgear reduces head injuries in soccer, it increases players' confidence, and headgear can reduce brain injury with players that don't have a concussion. This... or this Did you know?Players not wearing headgear are 2.65 times more likely to get a head concussion than those who aren't. (Al-Kashmiti, Delaney, et al The Effect of Protective Headgear on Head Injuries andConcussions in AdolescentFootball (Soccer) Players, Players can collide with another player, the ball, or even the ground and get a concussion. Full90, can prevent this. A study showing the effect of protective headgear on head injuries and concussions in adolescent soccer players showed that 52.8% of soccer athletes that year had concussions. Only 26.9% of the athletes that had worn headgear got a concussions. Protect Your Head! ? Wearing headgear will give the player more confidence, so theywill play more aggressively, but still stay safe. Acording to Cooper,players who wear protective soccer headgear "feel like superman"beacuse collisions don't bother them. aaaone soccer player fromCooper's online article from the Springfield News-Sun said"If I don't have my my head on going into a game, I'm a bitI'm a bit more timid going for 50/50 balls in the air... if I haveit on, I don't have any fear. I just go for it. (Cooper, M. "Area Players Confident with Soccer Headgear.") "Heading the ball is easier and more effective with a Full90 headgear. I wouldn't even play soccer without it!" said Xander Patel, player on the U12 boys Storm Copa team. David Pousma Advanced TruFit System for expanded coverage of the Occipital Lobe. Overlapping side ribs for full adjustability. The Full90 Premier CoolMax fabric to accelerate moisture evaporation. Forcebloc foam to absorb energy and keep the player in the game. Soccer headgear increases players' confidence. Soccer headgear can reduce the risk of sub clinical, long-term brain injury One study showed that 63% of varsity soccer players showed symptoms of concussion, but only 12% actually knew they had one (Dallas, Mary. "Heading Soccer Ball Can damage Brain, Study Says.") This means that most of the players didn't know they had a concussion (sub clinical concussion). Full 90 will protect peoples' heads and reduce the risk of sub clinical concussions. The graph below shows the rate of concussions betweendifferenent sports. Because girl's soccer is the second most frequent, it is important to wearprotective headgear. Work Cited JS, Delaney. "Result Filters." National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Web. 24 Feb. 2015. Dallas, Mary. "'Heading' Soccer Ball Can Damage Brain, Study Says." Consumer HealthDay. 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 25 Feb. 2015. < = = Article/Website Webite URL "Recent Cheerleading Safety Studies Show Cheer Injury Rates Low, Major Injuries Drastically Reduced, Cheersafe. Web. 6 Feb. 2013. -studies-show-cheer -injury-rates-low-major-injuries -drastically-reduced/ to scale proportionally. Graph 1 Relitive rates of concussions as adapted from Cheersafe.
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