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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Proposed NTD Program Changes double click to change this header text! 9. Provide PD for all Administrators built into ALI. Specifically target APs, DIs and other school leaders while also inviting PHMs, DNAs, SPs, and other district administrative leaders. 3. Invite any interested BTU member to complete the NTD Interest Form by March 2015 in order to support school leaders in identifying and selecting interested candidates in their schools or neighboring schools. 5. Implement the NTC Professional Learning Series (NTD training) as they are designed in 8 full day PD sessions through the year. Provide separate training for returning and new NTDs. 6. Offer the first 2 days of PLS 1 twice in August for NTDs who wish to begin their training before beginning their work with their Beginning Teachers. Additionally, host weekly NTD orientation sessions through September to ensure proper support early in the year. 4. Offer all NTD trainings to any interested, qualified NTD candidates, with approval of their PHMs. By doing so, train a cohort of prepared NTDs who can be called upon when BeginningTeachers are hired. 24% 8. Highlight PD opportunities beginning at NTI to ensure NTDs, BTs and administrators all have access to high-quality support around induction. 10. In addition to the ALI PD for administrators, offer follow-up PD (3 hour sessions) in the fall and again in the winter. 2. In order to increase the quality, diversity and depth of the potential PT NTD candidate pool, advertise the PT NTD teacher leadership opportunity in the BTU bulletin, OHC Dispatch, Superintendent's Bulletin, and among current NTDs, Lead Teachers, NBCT and professional networks. Communication Support 1. Revise the intake process to effectively identify Beginning Teachers as they complete the BPS Intake Sessions and provide them with information about the NTD Program, licensure requirements and the support they can expect as first - year teachers. 7. Host NTD Forums in small groups 4 - 5 times throughout the year to provide collaboration and support opportunities in small group settings. Time 11. Hiring a small group full-release NTDs who can support targeted schools in need of more substantial support and serve as lead mentors to support NTDs in the field.
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