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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "The Rules of the Game" By: Amy Tan "The Rules of the Game" By: Amy Tan "Dreaming of Heros" By: H.G. Bissinger Characters: Waverly Jong Mrs. Jong Mr. JongHer brothers Lao Po "It was a strategy for winning arguments, respect from others, and eventually, though neither of knew it at that time, chess games." Relationship between Waverly and Lau Po: The relationship between Waverly and Lau Po is very good because she was able to connect with him and he was making her better. He understood what she was thinking and doing. They were ableto bond through that. Relationship Between Waverly & Mrs.Jong The relationship between Waverly and her mom isreally conflicted because her mom doesn't understand how chess really works and doesn't like to be involved in the American cultures. Waverly is basicallytrapped in this world between the Chinese culture and the American world. She tried to support Waverly in her interest in chess although, Waverly was being given too much lean way and she was taking advantage of it. Central Idea: Waverly's stuck in a world where she's trying to please her mom although, she wants to continue onto what she's good at, which is chess, and with chess she's beginning to learn valuable lessons; there will be complications no matter what "...dressed in the immaculate black & white of the PermianPanthers, moments away from playing out the dream that kept him in Odessa." Characters: Billy Winchell Mike Winchell Joe Bill Winchell Don BillingsleyCharlie Billingsley Central Idea: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The central idea of this story is that football is Odessas only future. There's no reason for someone to stay in such aplace unless they had a specific dream, playing football. Billi is the legend of the football team in his year, this is the only thing he has going for him, as for otherplayers. Relationship Between Billy & Mike The relationship between Billy & Mike isn't complex, they seem to be understanding of each other, Billy had always been a goodfather figure to Mike, he helped Mike learn to get better at the sports he played, gave him advice to help him get through what-ever it is. When Billy had died, it had affected Mike because Mike playing football wasn't only Mikes dream, it was Billy's as well. Billy was supporting in every way possible. Relationship Between Don and Charlie: The relationship between Don and Charlie is complex because Charlie was not a good role model. Unlike Billy, he was always getting drunk and doing reckless things and Don was takng after that. The only time Don really gained a lot of support from him was when he was played football because Charlie could 'see himself again." They had 2 routes basically in life, get out ofOdessa and get a better future, or stay and go with the oppurtunity to play for the Panthers.
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