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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANCIENT EGYPT The Pharaohhas a harder job than we think.Sure he is rich and has peopleto do his workbut they mess upIts his fault.. Pharaoh is also known as the God king.He will get the best mummificationTo help him in the after life. Mummification Mummification takes 70 days.Including taking your organs outand drainingbody fluids.After 70 daysyou arewrapped in linan andput in a tomb The Organs that are takenout are put in jars called canopic jars. One jar for each organ except the heart and brain. The heart is left in the bodybecause it was thought ofas the core of the soul.The brain was not keptbecause they thought there was novalue upon it. Religon PHARAOH FACTS The Egyptions had over three thousand Godsincluding the pharaoh known as theGod king.The afterlife wasimportant to them and Mummification was a way to keep their body whole after death for the spirt to one day return to. Nile River Egypt is known as "The Gift of the Nile"Because the Nile floods each year, making thesoil rich so the cropsgrow healthy and nutritious. Pyramids The Pyramids had fake halls and traps to protect the jewels and booty from tomb robbers. And it was also the place where the tomb that protected the Pharaoh's body for his spirt. So his spirt could return to it.
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