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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 by Kaelyn Zakem The overwhelming response by the expertswas positive. I did however take a few suggestions and implement them into the Overall I believe my project is successful and will continue to grow and develop even further over time. I have learned so muchabout myself, what drives me, and mypassion for modern art. I have also learnedthe benefits that the arts can have in primarygrade classrooms and witnessed the innate,natural curiosity students have when art is integrated into the curriculum. The biggest validation of my work for me was personally seeing the faces of my students light up with joy and excitement when learning aboutMatisse and then creating cut-outs of their own. The biggest challenge Ifaced was dealing withoutside forces thatprevented me from fullytesting everything I Contact Information: Next Steps/Further Questions: Teaching Art Through Modern Art Integration final project. I included live links on the Resources and Field trip tabs of my website. I added student work under the art lesson section of Matisse (as I have taught and implemented that lesson). I also made corrections to grammar errors and unclear statements in my lesson plans. After teaching both sets of Matisse lessons, I felt that no changes needed to be made to the written lesson plans. I might make a few minor changes the next time I teach the lessons, but overall I was surprised by the enthusiasm and excitement, as well asretention of information on the part of my students. Results of Evaluation: Project Successes: Project Challenges: intended to. Additionally, I had wanted toinclude animoto videos for each artist asan introduction for my students, howeverproject guidelines restricted the use of more than 15 images. Finally, time was ofcourse a factor. My next steps are to continue to addartists and grow and develop mywebsite. I plan to include: Georgia O'Keefe, Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso and DavidHockney. After adding these artists I will re-evaluatethe site and see what will unfold next. Kaelyn Zakem:
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