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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 by Kaelyn Zakem Guiding Questions: Can primary grade schoolteachers integrate art intoan already demandingcurriculum? How can I integrate athematic unit on modernartists using children'sliterature? What children's literature portrays modern art? Highlights of Literature Review: Objectives Integrating art aids in cognitivedevelopment, fine motor skills,creativity and interest in school,especially in the primary grades. Art integration reaches a broaderaudience of students in that itaccommodates a different style of learning that comes naturallyfor many young children. Purpose of Project: The purpose of my projectis to provide primary gradeschool teachers with easy access to a site where they can utilize lesson plans andsupplements to integratemodern art into theirlanguage arts curriculum. Ultimately, my goal is to contributeto the integration of art in schools,especially in the lower primary grades. Target Audience: The target audience isprimary grade school teachers K-2. Evaluation Process: Expert Evaluators:Ann Marie Wosniak - SAIC School1st grade teacher23 years of experience Sharon Rodriguez - School of the EpiphanyKindergarten Teacher25 years of experience Implementation Process: Teaching Art Through Modern Art Integration In addition to being reviewed by 2 experts, I tested the project by teaching 3 of the 8 lessons to my kindergartenclass. It was my intention to teach 4 of the 8 lessons, however a combination of weather and school commitmentsinterfered with my plans.
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