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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Animals Can Predict Disasters Did you know that some animalscan predict disasters? In recentstudies, scientists have discovered up to 90% of mammals canpredict disasters. Scientists inCalifornia wanted to take it a littlefurther. They sent some studentsto follow a pack of wolvesfor the next three months.They discovered the wolves weredigging until they found a very deep cave to live in. At least,that's what they thought... After one month of research,the students were sitting and watchingthe pack, when to there surprise, oneof the wolves howled, and the rest dashedinto the cave. After one day of the suspiciousbehavior, there was a report of a tornadotouch down about two miles away. The students immediately took shelter.After returning to the University, mostprofessors thought of this to be the wolvesprediction. "This clearly states that animals have moreintelligence than us in weather prediction" states professor Henry Streby from the university of California (Denna, 4) Cows: Cats: six or more days before a devastating earthquake, some cats engaged in unusual behaviors and became more stressed out. Felines began "trembling, being restless and escaping." Still other cats, immediately prior to the quake, became just as agitated. Cows behaved differently several days before the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan. Specifically, cows "showed lowered milk production six days before the earthquake," they reported. The decrease in milk yield continued for another four days. DIRECT"most animals can predict disasters of all kinds.""Ladybugs will clump together before a thunderstorm"*all by Streby(3) Inderict Kat Dragan
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