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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alan TuringHow have we evolved? Alan Turing-How have we evolved? Basic Info Alan M. Turing (June 23 1912-June 7 1954)was a British/FrenchMathematician, Logician, andultra distance runner. What did he do? During the World War II,Turing, along with help from a team named Hut8, had created a machine called Bombe which can successfully decode the impossible Nazi War-Code: Enigma. Winston Churchill said that Turing made the single biggest contribution to Allied Victory in the waragainst Nazi Germany. The estimation of Turing's accomplishment shortened the war in Europe isaround two to four years. After the war Turing wentto Manchester University and developed a base fieldof knowledge about A.I. and the design of a digital computer during 1945-1952 Afterwards, people believed that the famous computer/technology company named Apple Inc. contributed to the father of the computerby designing their company logo as a bitten apple (the cause of death of Alan Turing), but chairman/CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs, denied that thought. Fun Facts How did he made the biggest change to human evolution? Alan work of efforts had opened thedoor leading to the field of education of Artificial Intelligence and the digital computer world, where the limit can be over your mind. You can read books,watch TV, even listen to music just by tapping on the keyboard or clicking onthe mouse. It's almost like that we can'tlive without computers. Created by: Edward Zou8-07 Alan Turing (6/23/1912-6/7/1954) Enigma Machine (Cryptanalysis) What is Enigma? The Enigma is a code created by a machine called EnigmaMachine with contains a keyboard.of 26 alphabetic letters and 10 numbers.The brilliant part of this machine isthat every signal keys is connected to it's own rotor and shaft that shiftsletter's into number every time the key was pressed, and vise-verse for the number keys. Each of the numbershas it's own meanings, too. Can we solve this code? The answer is yes. Alan Turinghad created a equation by representing each portion of the machine as a letter, and with the help of modern world math and hisgenius mind, hecreated this equation: The Bombe Machine More info: go to: Enigma code was commonlyused between the Nazis.
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