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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 16% of all business in Martinique is tourist related Methods: In order to assist Hilton with this decision we researched the needfor a new hotel in Martinique, the culture of the island, what the islandhas to offer to tourists, and how the island would be impacted by anew hotel on the island. Introduction:Hilton Hotels and Resorts is one of the most well known hotel chains with locations in over 70 countries around the world. When deciding whether to open a new resort onthe island of Martinique, the company needs to take manydifferent things into consideration. In order to make this decision easier, Hilton has hired us to do research and assistwith the transition. Expands into Martinique Results:From our research we found that Martinique is a good location for Hilton Hotels and Resorts to open a new Resort. Martinique is a place with an economythat depends 16% on tourism, therefore the hotel would be successful. We also found that Martinique has many activities that range from Mountain Hiking to Horseback riding to offer to tourists. Furthermore, we found that Martinique would also greatly benefit from having a new hotel in the area. This resortwill bring thousands of new tourists to the island every year and will create many jobs for those who live on the island. The new resort would be located inthe city of Fort-de-France, one of the most popular places of the island, and would be open by the summer of 2017. Conclusion:Hilton Hotels and Resorts would greatly benefit from opening a new resort on the island of Martinique. By opening a new resort at this Carribean destination,the hotel chain will experience significant economic gains as well as increased customer loyalty. The new resort will also make the company more competitive in the Caribbean market, considering that not many other well known hotel brands have locations in Martinique.
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