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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New Product Revealing to Nike Corporation Introduction Solutions Problems Overview As you all know, we are about to release the brand new FPS and we are excited to see how the sales go. However, we need to ensurewe are hitting every single critical point to market this shoe and exceed the projected sales. This report is just to briefly refresh on the techniques we will use to market and reach this goal. The product is called the foot print shaper. It is a sole that gets created once you put your feet inside a sole. It will mold the sole into the exact form of your feet and can be used on any shoe product. The insole of a shoe is the layer of material that sits insidethe shoes and creates a layer between the sole and the wearers foot. It is mainly used for comfort. The main problem is all sneakers are built differently. LeBron James Nike collection are made a bit wider than the average shoe. Kevin Durants Nike collection are known to be a bit tighter than the average shoe. The person will stillfeel discomfort due to the insole of the shoe. With the brand new foot print shaper, you can take out the sole of the shoe and put in the sole that was molded in the exact form of your feet. Even if a person has a left foot that is a bit larger than their right foot, the issue can still be solved with the shaper. Future Work Conclusion The foot-printer shaper will solve this issue by giving the feet a natural feeling. Its like a persons finger print or foot print. Unique and different for every individual.We are really confident that this product will excite and evolve the Nike world. It is not just a new product that Nike will be presenting. But its a new product that targets each individual customer and shows that Nike truly appreciatesits customers. With these new "foot-printer shapers", customers can feel more comfortable with their shoe wear. In the future, we will come up with better ways to satisfy our customers with better shoes and soles that will help aid the comfort for any activity. New technologies arise everyday and we will do our best to help make Nike products more comfortable These foot-print shaper soles has really helped with my running! Nike recorded 13% annual revenue growth in Q3 2014.
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