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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Destruction Caused by Pre-Revolution Dictators in Egypt and Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was the former dictator of Tunsia. Ruled from 1989-2011. Hosni Mubarak was the former dictator of Egypt.Ruled from 1981-2011 In January 2011 protesters took to Tahiri square in Cairo they were met with force from security forces around 850 people were killed in total through out all the protests. Courts only attempted to charge him on 239 deaths. Responsible for 850 deaths In 2014 all charges relating to the deaths of protesters, against him and 6 other former government officials were dropped. Mubarak now 86 is completing a three year sentence for embezelment. Responsible for over 200 deaths After being forced out of power in January 2011, he fled to Saudi Arabia. During protests Ben Ali continuously claimed that protesters were"radical extremists and will be met with severe punishment," he stayed true to his word he is suspected of giving security officials the go ahead to fire on civilians. He later claimed they did this in "self defense". *Statistcs on the number of people killed vary due to media censoring* Born on May 5th 1928. He served in the Egyptian Air force and became a high ranking officer. In 1975 he was appointedVice President by Anwar Sadat. Following the assassination of Sadat in 1981, Mubarak was sworn in as president. Born In September 1936. Ben Ali became involved in the military and quickly became a politician. He was appointed Prime Minister due to his reputation of being able to suppress riots.
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