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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Project Excellence 1 October:KIMIO Launch Informed Portfolio of OD Process 6-7 October:Exploring Project Scope Where might we go? 7-13 October:Exploring the Detail What this may look like? 7-13 October:When can we Meet? Priority Units Unit Launch & DropBox 13 October:Touch Base Explore Critical Concerns 14 October:CNS Launch October:PIMD Launch October:Unit Scoping Meeting What does this look like for them?Which stakeholders will we likely need to engage with? October:Information Gathering What do you have:Service Delivery Opportunity?Service Delivery Risk?Service Delivery Governance? October:PESTER Analysis What is happening in your External Environment? October:Exploring the Context What does this look like? October:LPI & Culture Audit November:Stakeholder Analysis Launch November:Needs Analysis Launch Stakeholder ProfilesChanges over Time What are the Needsof the Stakeholders? December:Needs Analysis Complete January:Value Proposition Complete December Holidays Relative to Needs,What is Possible? What does it Look Like? February:Discern Greatest Leverage What would enableus to deliver the CVP better? What can we do? March:Craft Implementation Project Excellence We are here!
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