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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Progressive Movement 19th Amendment Passed right after the Great War 1870s - 1930s Improving Schools 1870s - 1967 Suffrage Movemen t Women across United Sttes were trying to gain equal rights throughout the country. During President Wilson's term as president, and the 19th amendment was passed. It was not ratified in South Carolina until 1967 South Carolina's middle class men tried everything to limit mill workers' power. The suburbs were annexed, and mill workers' votes were further diluted. 1870s - 1918 Government Reform 1890s? Temperance Movement Around 1900 Helping textile workers A law was passed in favor of more spending of public education, raised the state taxes to get more money for a longer school year, and a more efficient teaching. There was also a law that enforced income taxes for all citizens, so that hospitals and schools could be better prepared.