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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facts about Progeira Progeria Progeria is a gentic that causes what appears as to be asvance ageing. Progeria's effects on skin Lamina A in Progerian cells Progeria's effects on blood The ageing of Progeria and it's benifits The cardiovascular effects are deteriorating of blood vessels leading to heart disease and stroke two of the biggeat killers in America. Progeria is being studied for the secrets o the human condition known as ageing. Some scientists are doubtful however that Progeria is an accurate representation of ageing because of the lack of mental deterioration. Progeria only seems to effect the appearance of the victim, and not the actual mental ability as in normal ageing cycles. The lack of change in the victims mind have scientists thinking that Progeria having a resemblance of ageing is merrily a coincidence. Progeria makes the victim's head and skin in general less elastic, to create wrinkles, the trade mark of elderly people. Lamina A, a protein located inside a cells nuclei is the equivalent of scaffolding on the inner cell envelope. In people with progeria Lamina A is strange and Knobby. Inside the nucleus the DNA is uncoiled unlike most peoples wich is tightly coiled into chromosomes. Progeria does not cause other elderly symptoms like memory loss On averge children with proeria die at the age of 13 Only 80 children have Progeria in the world Progeria was first discovered in 1886 1 in 4 milion have progeia Bhattacharya Shaoni. "The Children Who Grow old Before They Grow Up." New Scientist 211.2821 (2011) :34. MAS Ultra-School Edition. Web.10Feb. 2015
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