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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meet the New Principal: A Personal Growth Plan I found this image on a blog discussing the competencies of high performing CEOs. It fits the role of principal, too. This is how I would want to view myself as a principal and hope to be viewed by others. I want my growth plan to be "skinny"-- a usable graphic to remind me of my preferred future and the questions I need to answer to get there and check in on my progress. How do I breathe life into the school without taking the life out of it? How do I balance leading with a heart and leading with resolve? How do I establish a firm standing within the school and with parents and partners? How do I bridge them? How do I balance my multiple roles: instructional leader, building manager, community liaison? How do I budget my time? How do I prioritize under budget constraints? How do I stand firm on my vision when faced with resistance to change? My competencies How do I get feedback on how I'm doing? Distributed Leadership Curriculum Coherence Change Management What are the gaps in my knowledge base? Vision to Action Learning Leadership My EQs Group Facilitation How can I close the relevance gap between my vision and classroom practice? Personalized Learning Strategic Planning Tech infusion Instructional Leadership Relationships Culture Vision I seek more strategies for how to engage community members, faculty, and students in shaping how a vision is actualized. My Big Four I aspire to re-invent instructional leadership to apply the principles of student learning to adult learning and organizational learning. I want to create a learning-centric culturethrough substantive conversation in planned, focused team learning for adults and students. Relationships first! I want to better understand how to practice the principle of the "not-too-fast-not-too-slow" approach. Professional Development
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