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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 781 SAFER ELECTRONIC EXCHANGES BETWEEN COACHES AND ATHLETES HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM OF ILLEGAL EDUCATOR-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS? NY is the 8th highest ranking state by number of cases 4 out of 10 cases stemmed from texts and social media cases reportednationally in 2014 151 cases from sports programs SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR ATHLETIC PROGRAM Ensure channels used for electronicexchanges can provide your districtarchived exchanges and instant transparency. Texting and most social media platforms are private and may not archive messages. Inform the community on the preventative measures taken,to get support and give parents a peace of mind. If a situation occurs, provide information faster to every parent, not just those with students involved.Cases may become more problematic when not communicating in a timely manner. Educate coaches, athletes, and event parents on what is consideredan appropriate coach-athlete relationshipand the implications of disobeying. InteractWith Source: Drive West Communications provides communications counsel and public relations services to clients. For more information, contact allows coaches and their athletes an app to communicate through mobile without sharing phone numbers. Athletic directors have online tools to prevent andprovide instant resolutions to inappropriate exchanges.For more information, contact,, Require archiving and transparency Educate. Educate. Educate. Have a policy withclear guidelines Review the policies with everyone often. Create a list of dos and dont's that that consistently reminds everyone, like creating a poster board and putting it in the locker rooms. Involve the community +$200,00 0 costs (legal, settlement, doc reporting)for some schools who have experienced incidents
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