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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. The probation period in Dexler is for 6 months.2. The probation period is reflected in the appointment letter.3. Employees may have shorter or longer probation period based on individual performances.4. Senior employees may have 3 months of probation.5. The Management has the final say in the duration of the probation period. PROBATION REVIEW ' ' Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 ' 1. The compensation and benefits remain the same during the probation period.2. Probationers are allowed only one day earned leave per month.3. The remaining days of eligible leave is credited to the leave account on confirmation. 4. An employee does not get an increments after probation.5. All compensation reviews are done as per the Appraisal cycle.6. Employees are not eligible for appraisal during the probation period.7. Employees who are confirmed on or before 31st March of any year are eligible to participate in the appraisal process.8. Employees who are confirmed after 1st April and before 30th September of the year will receive their Performance based Incentive in October. 1. A probation review is done at the end of the probation period.2. It is to ensure that the employee meets company expectations.3. It also ensures that the employee has fitted well into the team.4. The Manager asks for employee feedback.5. Any change in role or status during probation would mean an increased probation period.6. The Manager informs the employee of any such decisionat least a month in advance. 1. The employee gets aconfirmation letter at the end of the probation period.2. If the confirmation is delayed then no extension letters are issued.3. The appointment letter clearly mentions that the confirmation is effective only when the letter is issued.4. The confirmation report and a copy of the letter is included in the personal file of the employee.5. If an employee's confirmation is extended the same review process is followed.6. An confirmation extension happens to enable the manager to fix the mismatch in employee performance. PROBATION PERIOD PROBATION and CONFIRMATION CONFIRMATION 1. The notice period at all times is 1 month for the non-managerialstaff and 2 months for managers.2. The notice period depends on the criticality of the role.3. If either party breaks the contract, it has to serve the notice period.4. The appointment letter clearly mentions that the confirmationis effective only when the letter is issued.5. The decision to take the salary in lieu of the notice period is the sole discretion of Dexler. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS NOTICE PERIOD
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