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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 College Football Players Being Paid The Student's names ontheir jersey's are being sold to make the league money. (Edleman) Pros The NCAA is paying thecoaches but not the players ( Athletes dedicate over 40 hours a week to footballmaking it impossible to get a job ( Without the student's names, the NCAA cannot sell Jerseys. Their name's are also being used for the production of video games, another high priced market. Coaches make money for standing on the sideline. Players are the one's getting beat up and they are the key to colleges athletics. Players dedicate well over 40 hours a week to football making it hard to find a job. Players have to live by themselves and provide for themselves. They cannot do this if not paid Cons The NCAA is an amateur company (Marc) The NCAA is spending a lot of money recruiting new players (USNews) Students choose toplay for their school.( As an amateur company, the NCAA is not allowed to pay players. The NCAA does not want to open as a professional company because they believe it would ruin the competitive play. Schools spend boatloads of money to find the best players. Colleges spend thousands on sending athletes through four years of school. No student is forced to play for a team. When recruited by colleges, students do not have to play for that college. It is optional. A huge discussion topic throughout the U.S is "Should college athletes be paid?" There is always two sides to an issue, especially when debating a Nationwide problem. What is your stand on the issue? In my opinion, I believe Athletes should be allowed to receive endorsement deals to make money. Whether athletes should be paid or not will always be an issue debated throughout the country. Should College Athletes Be Paid?
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