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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mr. Nitesh Malhotra was unhappy with the services rendered by our Bank, however efficient services provided by Monalisa Ghosh in 2 consecutive scenarios as mentioned below forced him to change his impression about the Bank.Scenario 1 - Mr. Malhotra was unable to do an RTGS with a Netbanking limit of Rs. 500000/-, hence approached Monalisa for help. Being a Saturday, Monalisa sent the requisite form to him via email, collected the duly signed form from him & submitted the same to the concerned branch for further execution. Finally, the transaction was processed within the time-frame. Scenario 2 On Mr. Malhotras requirement of signed & stamped statements for Visa purpose not being fulfilled in spite of requesting via email from past 2 days, Monalisa provided him immediate assistance. The client was highly impressed with such swift customer service delivered in time. PRIVY 2015 Winner PALLAVI PANDIT Service Relationship Associate RUCHI BAKSHI JANUARY Service Relationship Manager PRIVY PRIVY Service IMPACT Winners JANUARY 1st Runner-up JANUARY MONALISA GHOSH Imtiaz Khan who had shifted from Chandigarh to Delhi expressed his willingness to open his wifes account on priority during a service call made by Ruchi Bakshi. For hassle-free banking, Ruchi advised him to open the new account with the nearest branch in Delhi. Ruchi located the nearest branch details & requested the Branch Relationship Manager to visit the customer for collection of the account opening documents. Further, Ruchi also arranged necessary approvals & co-ordinated with the Gurgaon-Privy team along with the RPC team to process the account opening on the same day. The customer was extremely amazed with such speedy solution & admired the outstanding services rendered by Ruchi even after being at a remote location. 2nd Runner-up Service Relationship Associate Roshan Constructions Pvt. Ltd. wanted to make an urgent property tax payment being the last day. As per the mode of operation updated in our Bank records; all the 4 Directors were supposed to sign the documents, however only 3 Directors had signed the requisite form; as one of the Director, Mr. Arora was unable to sign due to hospitalization. Post understanding the urgency of the transaction, Pallavi Pandit arranged for necessary approvals & a call was made from K-Privy team to Mr. Arora for seeking confirmation to proceed with the request received by the Bank. Thus, due to Pallavis promptness, the transaction was successfully processed at the branch within the cut-off time leading to customer satisfaction.
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