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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ashish Arora had prevented a major fraud in Krishna Suryas acct. The fraudster had initially opened a non-Kotak fake acct in the clients Name. Later, changed the Bank details registered in his Mutual fund (MF) folios & placed redemption requests which resulted in a drastic fall in the clients investment value. This triggered Ashish to investigate MF redemption matter further & realized it was a withdrawal. Hence, Ashish checked with the client about MF redemption reason via an external source instead of Kotak Bank platform to which he claimed that no such MF redemption request was placed by him. Ashish immediately flung into action & spoke to the respective AMCs, initiated steps to freeze all the folios & modify the Bank mandate. The client was very grateful primarily to Ashish for his conscientious & systematic work. VOC: Their diligence prevented my father (86 year-old) from losing 49 lakhs to an imposter. Ashish & Mr. Sangunni followed up with ICICI & stopped redemption. They worked after office hours to get the work done. PRIVY 2014 Winner ARIEF MUHAMMED Service Relationship Manager RUCHI BAKSHI DECEMBER Service Relationship Manager PRIVY PRIVY Service IMPACT Winners DECEMBER 1st Runner-up DECEMBER ASHISH ARORA Relationship Manager On service call made to Suraj Sinha, Ruchi Bakshi was informed about non-receipt of Credit Card (CC) which was promised to be delivered within a weeks time after acct opening. Ruchi pacified & assured him for quick CC delivery. She found that CC was undelivered as the client was located in the outskirts of Ambala (non-serviceable area as per Courier company). Ruchi instantly sought customer confirmation, took approvals from CC head to deliver the CC at his Home branch on the next day & informed the client to collect the CC from his home branch which resulted in a delightful experience. He also requested to set an SI towards EMI to SBI which was likely to hit his account the very next day because he was unable to deposit cash in SBI as he was travelling. Ruchi geared up, collected necessary documents from him & coordinated with RPC. Finally, by 8.15 pm, Ruchi updated the client about the SI set up being executed. It further made him gladly enhance his banking relationship with us. 2nd Runner-up Arief Muhammed had gone an extra mile at every single leg of handling Rejoice Company staff requests. Arief had immensely coordinated & opened 80 plus 3-in-1 accts across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Salem. Post acct opening, Dematerialization of physical shares was a hectic task to be completed by Arief with lot of coordination between DP team, Company & RTA. Further, acct-wise sighting of Demat credit of shares along with correctness of the Acct numbers, DP ID, Number of shares etc., was meticulously executed by Arief after working for almost 15 hours in the 2 months time period. Ariefs effort is an inspirational example towards dedicated customer service.VOC: You have stolen our heart with your dedicated effort.
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