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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "The Allies had reached us at last! Some Prisoners hurried up to the American soldiers to shake their hands. Some hugged one another. Some gave prayers of thanks. I fell to my knees and wept. Had I really made it? Had I actually survived the Krakow ghetto and ten different concentration camps? I had been ten when the war started. Now I was sixteen. For more than six years I had been a prisoner of the Nazis. Prisoner B-3087. Now it was all over." (p.245) "Kill me, I prayed. Please kill me and put an end to this . I'm ready.Water rained down on me. Freezing water so cold it made me scream. Water!Not gas! I was going to live! I laughed and cried, and so did the other men. We celebrated as we shivered, hugged one another and shaking hands, all of us granted a last-minute reprieve by the Nazis. I was alive." (p.129) After the Americans came and savedthe Jews, Yanek moved to Americafor a better life. After Yanek heard the gunfire outsidethe concentration camp, an American tankcame rolling into the camp. Yanek had to take the Death March twiceto get to a new concentration camp, wheresome died from starvation. Yanek was taken to the gas chambersto be killed, but instead got an actualshower. Yanek was mostly moved from concentrationcamp to concentration camp by train whereall the jews were packed into train carts. Yanek use to live in the Krakow ghetto where he went to work and before the Nazis came he use to go to school there. The Nazis marched into Krakow and turned it into a ghetto, so they could house the jews until it was time to bring them to concentration camps. Amon Goeth was the Nazi who ran the first concentration campnamed Plaszow. Prisoner B-3087 By: Hayden Lotspeich
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