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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 California Gold Rush (1849) Facts + Figures: -300,000: # of people brought to California by gold-6,500: # of Californios (Mexican/Spanish) brought to California by gold-700: # of foreigners (Primarily Americans) brought to California by gold-150,000: # of Native Americans brought to California (after split by Spanish in 1769) by gold-25,000: # of estimated persons who made sea journey to California by gold.-90: # of people lived in California throughout United States by gold-12 million: Amount of gold produced throughout Gold rush Comparison: John W. Marshall- The founder of gold in the American river in California, also built a sawmill at his discovery for John Sutter.John A. Sutter- The one who has been at the discovery with Marshall, also who commenced the word of gold found, which started the Gold rush.Gold rush has occurred between the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and the CivilWar in 1861, which has caused the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo to be signed, formally ending the Mexican war and handing controlof California to the United States from February 2, 1848. People / events: California Gold rush (1849) North Carolina Gold rush (1799) By: Lilly Brewer2/3/15Core: C -6,500 Californios, 700 Americans, 150,000 Natives, and out of US 90 people lived in California.-John W. Marshall and John A. Sutter were in Gold rush.-Ended Mexican war by signing treaty of Guadeloupe.-Gold rush occurred between Louisiana $,and Civil war of 1803 to 1861.- total of 12 million dollars worth of gold produced. -brought 80 expert miners from Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Wales.-about 30,000 people have mined.-Conrad Reed had found the gold.-John Reed, the father of Conradhad placer mined onproperty becoming awealthy man.-Southern Piedmont: people immigrate to discovery of gold (1799)-over 2,500 ounces of golddeposited to Philadelphia Mint by 1824.
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