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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 of total funds were delegated by the Local Authority PRIMARY 8441 14867 Controlled by the local council, and not influenced by any business or religious group COMMUNITY SCHOOLS FOUNDATIONSCHOOLS 722 Controlled by the local council, but have more freedom to change the way they do things than community schools. Funded by government via the Local Authority, and do not charge fees to students.The majority are also faith schools. VOLUNTARY CONTROLLED SCHOOLS 2286 VOLUNTARY AIDED SCHOOLS 3416 State-funded in which a foundation/trust (usually a religious organisation) contributes to building costs and has a substantial influence in the running of the school. 2 Run by a governing body, independent from the local council - they can follow a different curriculum £18m+ MAINTAINEDSCHOOLS INCOME AND EXPENDITURE ACADEMIES April 2013 to March 2014 SCHOOLS 193,273 PUPILS 2,399,479 PUPILS 591 PUPILS 390,388 PUPILS 749,548 PUPILS GRANT FUNDING £1bn+ 87% (£15.7bn) was granted to primary schools specifically for Special Educational Needs The highest amount granted to a school £5359 £6m The lowest amount granted to a school % of Pupils Entitled to Free School Meals £5.7bn spent on Teaching Staff £2.4bn Spent on Supply and Educational Support Staff £724m SPENT ON OTHER LEARNING RESOURCES Training and Development £122m spent on LEARNINGRESOURCES £281m ICT Professional Services Bought in £375m 82 out of the top 100 schools receiving the most funds from the LA were located in London. 116m PRIVATEDONATIONS Average Number of Pupils Per School Type ACADEMIES296 COMMUNITY284 FOUNDATION268 VOLUNTARY CONTROL171 VOLUNTARYAID 191 284 £899m PUPILPREMIUM
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