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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 is a living system (ecosystem) that uses raw materials & natural resources (inputs) to produce primary products (outputs), other useful outputs (secondary products) & waste materials. A PRIMARY PRODUCTION: INPUTS: Natural Energy Chemicals Technology Management Practices: OUTPUTS: Primary Products Secondary Products Waste Management practices can have either a positive (neutral) or negative effect on the environment. Management practices used by farmers & growers can care for the environment or harm it. Some management practices which are used to produce quality primary products at a profit can be harmful to the environment. If a management practice is one that does harm the environment then other management practices and/or careful use of the practice will be needed to minimize (mitigate) the negative effect. Positive management practices are those that help the environment or at least do not harm it. Primary producers need to look after the natural environment because it provides essential resources the primary producers need for their business. Protecting the resources the producer will use in future makes good business sense. Human wellbeing Reasons Primary Producers want to look after the environment are: Impact on otherprimary producers Recreation Cultural needs Plant needs & animal wellbeing Keeping the working environment safe Biodiversity Futuregenerations Marketing Legal reasons NEW ZEALAND: NEW ZEALAND: has clean air & water, & climate & soils in many areas that are very suitable for primary production systems. Primary production relies on water, oxygen (for cellular respiration), carbon dioxide (for photosynthesis) & nutrients. If one of these requirements is marginalized or polluted inthe environment, then the organisms in that environment will suffer & could die.
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