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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The price includes ALL OF THE FEATURES listed below Organization size of more than200 physicians. The cost perorganization starts from $5000 for Physician Organizations Population Health Management Pricing *Prices may vary depending on organization size and needs 200+ 100+ 10+ $2500 Organization size of 10 to99 physicians. The cost perorganization starts from $3500 Organization size of 100 to199 physicians. The cost perorganization starts from 90 days free trial - EMRs, HIE, e-Rx, Labs, Imaging - Personalized patient risk assessments - Population-level risk assessments - Identification of high-risk patients for case management programs - 30-day re-admission prediction - Predictive Treatment outcomes - Length of stay prediction and associated costs - Prospective Clinical & Financial Outcomes - Customizable and granular reporting on some of Johns Hopkins risk criteria - Point of care decision support - Evidence-based treatment protocols - Population-level reporting - Customizable quality measures Multi-source Data Ingestion Risk Stratification Predictive Analytics Gaps in Care Analysis - Physician & Nurse Alerts - Scheduling, communication, documentation & reporting across practices and settings - Referral management support - Patient Portal - Patient Education - Patient Alerts - Telemedicine - Remote Patient Monitoring - Comprehensive registry, EHR, GPRO, and e-Rx support for the PQRS program - Available modular or complete Meaningful Use tools - Pay for Performance & PCMH support Multi-source Data Ingestion Care Coordination & Management Patient Engagement Physician Engagement - Clinical quality reports based on national standards - Physician benchmarking & profiling - Drill-down and roll-up reporting - CMS Data Exchange Capability Outcomes Reporting TRAINING & SUPPORT
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