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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Welcome to Computer Programming 1! Computer Programming 1 Computer Programming 1 helps develop critical thinking skillsincluding: (1) how to break down a problem into manageable parts,(2) how to put tasks into a logical sequence, and (3) the importanceof precise communication. GameMaker Language is the coding language that will be used with the YoYo Games GameMaker Studio: Standardcompiler. This is an excellent exploratory course to determine youraptitude for programming as a career or hobby. Materials Needed:- Flash drive (provided)- GameMaker Studio: Standard- iPad Canvas is the learning management program used in this course.You will find the daily agenda and all assignments, files, and announcements there. Make sure you keep up with messagesin your Canvas inbox! Miss Heid Room 1232Contact me through Canvas mail or e-mail at: Listen carefully.Take good notes.Ask questions.Have a good attitude.Review materials before class. Tips for success: Juniors and Seniors will be eligible to enroll in Vincennes University to receive three college credits for their COMP 177 "Introduction toProgramming & Logic" course. Applications will be provided during class. Be on time.Be prepared.Be involved.Be patient.Be respectful.Be cooperative. Be-havior Expectations: Grading Procedure:1. Grades will be given the following weight: Assignments - 40% Quizzes/Tests - 60%2. Assignments submitted after due dates will receive partial credit.3. Using another student's work as your own is cheating. Consequences increase in severity with each incident.
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