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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VENN DIAGRAMS SHOW DYNAMIC INFORMATION AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT ADDING TEXTHERE EMPTY CONCEPT CREATE PLAIN CONTENT FILL MEIN WITH INTERESTINGCOPY FULL STARTHERE Movie Moment Characters: The magician, rabbit (the magician's assistant) and the people in the crowd. Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Climax: tap and hold to changethis text! Event 1 Conflict Resolution They illustrate e conflict because they have all kinds of negative expressions like mad, hurtful, upset and angry. So you can tell that they are having a hard time with getting along and that the magician just wants to get a hold of that rabbit. The rabbit could not get the carrot because he was in his cage and he tried and tried, but still couldn't reach it. He wanted it so bad because he was hungry and the magician came in his dressing room licking his fingers from something he just ate. Presto: by Skylar Mumford Exposition Rising Action Falling Action The magician took the rabbit out of his cage and put on the rabbit's magic hat and was about to give the rabbit the carrot, but he was running late so he had to run backstage and get onto the stage leaving the rabbit backstage wanting the carrot very bad and also leaving the rabbit mad at the magician for not giving him the carrot. The rabbit just keeps agitating the magician by electricuting him, snapping a mouse trap onto his fingers, sticking a ladder in his magic hat, ect. The rabbit keeps humiliating the magician in front of the crowd and that rabbit WILL NOT give up the fight until he gets his carrot to eat. The magician was up at the ceiling dangling there by a rope , but all of a sudden the rope snapped and the decorations and a piano came tumbling down right after the magician, like they were chasing him and the rabbit saw what was happening and thought should I do it or should I not. The rabbit put his hand in the magic hat and right before the magician hit the floor, the rabbit put the hat under him and pulled him out of the hat as the decorations and the piano came craching to the ground. The main promblem was the magician wouldn't give the carrot to the rabbit so the rabnit got mad . So the conflict started. In the magician's dressing room, backstage and the stage. The magician finally gave the carrot to the thankful and HUNGRY rabbit and they both became friends again. They also had the crowd clapping loudly at their amazing and "on purpose" preformance. tap and hold to changethis text! Setting:
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