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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why and How to Migratefrom PrestaShop to osCommerce Migration data in only 7 simple steps Playfully designed by Sources: Install osCommerce 273,000+ Communitymembers free add-ons + Launched in: 500,000+ 3,500 Community members featuresout of the box 2007 Launched in: 2000 12,000 registeredsites 7,000 310+ Pre-Migration Tips downloads per day vs How e-commerce works Paymentprocessing center Consumer PC Web server Consumer'sbank account Businessbank account Merchant bank or processor Schedule Migration Make Backup Find Hosting Analyze your store statistics.Find time with the lowest traffic. Let your customers, suppliers, stakeholders andother interested people know about migration date. Don't forget to make backups before any serious action over your shop. osCommerce has system requirements,so make sure your web hosting meets them. Install osCommerce and make sure it's available via Internet. After that you will be ready to start migration. 2. Set Up PrestaShop as Your Source Shopping Cart 3. Select osCommerce as Your Target e-Commerce Platform 4. Choose entities You Would Like to Migrate 5. Perform Free Demo to See How It Works 6. Start Full Migration 7. Enjoy All the Advantages of a Brand New osCommerce Store e) Inform Google about your store migration b) Create a sitemap d) Set 301 redirect c) Use canonical tags and meta robots Take Care About SEO a) Make sure your new store is available for search engines Since Cart2Cart doesnt support design migration you will have to handle this step on your own. Test, Test and Test! Inform Everybody Install osCommerce 1. Register a New Cart2Cart Account or Login via Facebook/Google Site Design Make a test purchase, check if all payment and shipping options are working correctly.Visit your site from multiple devices and different browsers. Cart2Cart is a shopping cart migration provider that allows to move products, customers and orders absolutely automatically. Data Migration with Cart2Cart Post Migration Tips
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