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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 migrate from PrestaShop to OpenCart Why and How to February, 2009 Initial Release July, 2008 Free and Open-source 1.5.6 Latest Release 1.5.4 Latest Release php Platform php Platform Initial Release Backup & Restore Tools Product comparison Cross selling Printable Invoices Exchange rate synchronization Powerful layered navigation Catalog statistics Discount Coupon System Automatic Image Resizing Wishlist Multistore management Product reviews Related products Search engine friendly Cross selling Test your store Free and Open-source Before Migration Create backups Customize site design After Migration Find appropriate hosting "OpenCart" is registered trademark of OpenCart Schedule migration Designed by Install OpenCart Inform your customers,suppliers and stakeholders Unlimited Categories,Products, Manufacturers Take care about SEO Create a sitemap Set 301 redirect Use canonical tagsand meta robots Inform Google Data Migration with Cart2Cart Register a New Cart2Cart Accountor Login via Facebook/Google Set Up PrestaShopas Your Source Shopping Cart Select OpenCart as Your Target e-Commerce Platform Choose entities You Would Like to Migrate Perform Free Demo to See How It Works Enjoy All the Advantages ofa Brand New OpenCart Store Match Currencies Start Full Migration Assign Order Statuses More information at "PrestaShop" is registered trademark of PrestaShop
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