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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pressures in Modern Megacities Pressures in Modern Megacities - A Megacity is a large city or metropolitan area where the population exceeds 10 million people.- They come into existence due to many people migrating to cities. Mega City Handling Urbanisation Well - NEW YORK CITY Mega City Not Handling Urbanisation Well - JAKARTA New York City The highest number of tourists in New York was in 2013 which was 54.3 million. The Population of New York City is around 20,080,000 people. New York City mainly consists of high rise buildings and skyscrapers, mostly in the CBD of Manhatten. 82% of police stops in New York were innocent in 2002. Management strategies to handle urban pressure in NYC include increases on high rise living and transportation. New York City is a total of 301 square miles. In 2013 there was an average of 88.3% hotel occupancy. Map of Indonesia Jakarta The Population consists of approximately 47% males and 53% females. The mainreligion of Jakarta is Islam. In New York there is approximately 3,021,588 house holds. The main language spoken in Jakarta is Indonesian. The approximate growth rate of Jakarta is between 10.5% and 5.36%. The population of Jakarta is 28 million people. The official level of poverty in Jakarta is 11.3%.. Jakarta has a growing network of freeways. Jakarta mainly consists of a parade of tall buildings. New York city Jakarta Jakarta covers 5,897 square km. Jakarta has many issues such as illness, high crime rate, poverty and pollution. When the population grows it becomes harder to manage!! Map of America 16,178 KM Fictional First Person Account I can't go anywhere now not even school. The traffic is too much and there's practically a crash everyday. I want to go to school but my parents say the roads are too dangerousand crowded, even the bus service is too expensive and unreliable. It's a good idea to stay away from most people in Seraipanok because most have illness and are infectious due to pollution and contaminated water. Well it's not like we have much water to go around nowadays. Not many people seek medication they cant afford it. It's not easy living in the eastern slums, many people are sick and others have no jobs. My parents and I used to live in the western slums until we relocated here. Last time I saw my friend, at school, he said that his home in the western slums has nearly fallen into the sea because of the high level of erosion. I wouldn't be surprised if I see him here I a coupleof days. At school we were 20% of the 19 million people living in Seraipanok are in slum conditions. Most people know about this, especially the President, so why isn't anythingbeing done? The President an the other government leaders need to take action. Now it's impossible to sustain the population we currently have. We need to establish new job vacancies housingand we need to do something about the pollution and close down some factories. I know that it might sound like a lot and it's not going to be easy but I know the government has the capabilities. If this is all done properly, Seraipanok will become one of the best megacities in the world. One day I want to help make these dreams possible for everyone and have a good life. For now I'm going to work hard and learn however I can in order for my family and I to be happy. I know that if I don't do anything about it no one will and Seraipanok will have more slums than houses. * Seraipanok is a fictional city and is not real. * Slum - An urban street or district with very poor people
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