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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Preschool Years * During this time the children's body becomes more slender and narrow as they gain muscle.* Their Growth slows and progresses at a steady rate. * Jaw widens to make room for permanent teeth.* Developing fine motor skills* Can skip, and have more muscle coordination * When a student is very uncoordinated, trips and falls often.* A child with extraneous involuntary movement.* A child who is sick often.* Chronic toe walking.* Being strongly attracted to sensory items. *Make sure that the child is getting the necessary nutrition.* Set aside time to go on a hike or or walk.* Discourage inactivity. Physical Development Red Flags Promoting Healthy Development Social/Emotional Development * Can take care of their own needs.* Notices others moods and feelings.* Recognizes their limits.* Learning to share.* Expresses feelings with words. Red Flags * Difficulty fitting in.* Hard time keeping self-control when frustrated.* Frequent tantrums.* Suffers extreme anxiety.* Withdrawn and sad Promoting Healthy Development * Encourage student to talk at school* Find out different social skills needed for kindergarten* Encourage social interaction Cognitive Development * Understood by others most of the time.* Ask "Why?"* Can count to 10.* Understands opposites.* Listens to short directions. Red Flags * Stares blankly for long periods of time.* Unable to match colors and shapes.* Resists change.* Slow to process information.* Doesn't enjoy picture books. * Ask children questions.* Visit the library/bookstore.* Have crayons and markers on hand.* Read everyday.* Practice writing their name. Promoting Healthy Development Language Development * Articulation* Dysfluency * Voice* Language Red Flags * Child's speech is abnormally difficult to understand.* Mispronounce sounds. * Prolongation of sounds.* Frustration while speaking.* Difficultly putting words into sentences. Promoting Healthy Development * Play rhyming games.* Have them tell you stories.* Hold many converstations with the child.* Ask questions.* Play games that have the children follow direction.
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