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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Premier League Brand Scorecard Measure:Customers' live game experience & Live Broadcast Experience Customers' Experience How:Reports on the execution of the program "The Quality Assured Stadium Scheme"; Evaluation on the advanced broadcasting technologies, in-match analysis and leading "Goal Decision Tech"; Surveys of fans Frequency: Pre-season, mid-season and the end of the season TV Broadcast Coverage & Reach Measure:Number of broadcasting territories; Number of broadcasters; Total TV audiences How:Data from Premier League and its broadcasters Frequency: Pre-season and the end of the season Interactive Digital Communications Measure:The design of official website; The construction of social media platforms and fans community How:Evaluate the presence, display of data & news and interactive information on official website; Social media platforms of fans community(Reviews, Likes) Frequency: Pre-seasonand the end of the season External Media Recognition Measure:Recognition from 3rd authoritative media Differentiation &Brand Lift(Especially for oversea fans) Measure:Whether Premier League is seen as the supreme brand with most passionate and highest quality matches How:Analyst reports; Brand Perception survey and metrics; Return on oversea promotion programs Frequency: Pre-season and the end of the season Broadcaster'sRecognition Measure:TV deals(Value comparison with those of other mainstream soccer leagues) How:Value of worldwide TV deals(From Forbes and internal data) Frequency: Pre-season How:World's soccer club's value ranking from Forbes; Social sentiment; News reports Frequency: Pre-seasonand the end of the season Sponsorship & Co-Branding Measure:The sponsorship of Premier League and existing co-branding between Premier League and other well-established brands How:Brand reports Frequency: Pre-seasonand Events & Non-profit Programs Measure:Non-profit soccer-related programs & events supported by Premier League How:Data from Premier League Frequency: The end of the season Note: Frequency based on a normal soccer season (normally from Aug.Year1 to May.Year2)
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