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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Precambrian Eon 86% of Earth's History Save The Rainforest! - Plant trees!- Boycott destructive companies - Reduce your beef consumption - Spread the word! LATIN AMERICA:SOUTHEAST ASIA:AFRICA: AVERAGE AREA CLEARED PER YEAR WHAT IS AFFECTED BY TROPICAL DEFORESTATION? Deforestation represents of greenhouse emissions 15% Disruption of Water Cycles Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disruption of Water Cycles No trees to anchor fertile soil. Animal Species Soil Erosion Imbalance in perticipationand river flow Inbalance in trophic levels &increased fighting for living area.-> Extinction Major Events SOURCES: - - - 4.5 Billion Years 543 Million Years Ago See Earth from thestart! Bring your shorts and sunscreenfor the start and yourwinter coat for the end! 4.5 Billion Yrs Ago--meteors bombardment for 500 million years (basically until Earth is 4yrs.)4.4 Billions Yrs Ago--Iron sinks deep into Earth and forms core. 4.2 Billion Years Ago...atmosphere cooling, heavy rains forms ocean (takes several hundred millions of years)3.8 Billion Years Ago...Bacteria Diversify3.7 Billion Years Ago...1st photosynthesizing bacteria--1st kicking out oxygen into the water and later on the air3.5 Billion Years Ago...Oldest fossils (stromatolites)3.4 Billion Years Ago...Small continents forming2.7 Billion Years Ago...First Eukaryotes2.6 Billion Years Ago...Primitive ozone layer forming as bacteria colonizes land1.9 Billion Years Ago--Oxygen Levels Reach 3%1.8 Billion Years Ago--Oldest Eukaryote Fossils1.2 Billlion Years Ago--Oldest Multicellular Algae fossils1.1 Billion Years Ago--Rodinia Supercontinent forms900 MYA--Oldest Multicellular Soft-bodied animal Fossils (wormlike creatures called metazoans)800 MYA--Major glaciation period begins700 MYA--Rodinia breaks up600 MYA--Protective ozone layer in place (at the very end of the eon)
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