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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When: 1800 BC ~ 900 AD (250 AD = Peak) Where: Yucatan Peninsula; Major Cities = Tikal and Calakmul (Modern-day Guatemala and Belize) HEI: Used cenotes and underwater rivers to spread water around Northern Yucatan (arid and dry)/ Grew cotton and maize/ Burned down forests to clear land and raised fields near water and learned to control flooding/ Overused soil and made desert Major Achievements: Mayan Calendar/ Number System/ Pyramids/ Astronomy/ Codices/ Hieroglyphics/ Pok-a-tok/ Cotton clothing Government: No single empire unified Mayan empire/ Each state had own king or god SO: Kings, Priests/ Astronomers, Military leaders, Artists were in the highest ranks Religion: Polytheistic/ Human sacrifices 160+ gods Maya Inca Peaceful Aztec Warriors When: 1200 AD ~ 1521 AD (1300 AD = Peak) Where: Central Mexico; Capital City = Tenochtitlan HEI: Chinampas (Farming on water) Major Achievements: Tributes from conquered people groups/ Use of herbs/ Medical (setting bones, dental cavities)/ Steam baths/ Nahuatl (spoken language)/ 3rd largest pyramid/ Avenue of Death Government: Empire with a single ruler who was often a battle leader and voted by the council. SO: After the ruler was the nobles, priests, warrior, the power middle class, and the commoners (amongst the Aztecs, slaves actually had rights and were respected by their masters.) Religion: Polytheistic/ Huitzilopochtli was their patron god/ Quetzalcoatl was another god, with white skin and sailed away, predicted to return/ Human sacrifices (250,000 a year) / 3rd largest pyramid Fall: Cortez (Spanish Conquestadors) Brains Latin America - Pre Columbian Civilization Infograph By Isabella C. When: 1100 BC ~ 1535 AD (1400 AD = Peak) Where: Andes Mountains; Capital City = Cuzco (Modern-day Chile, Peru, and Ecuador) HEI: Aqueducts and Irrigation/ Terraces Major Achievements: Machu Picchu, Quipu, Complex Road System (used by armies and messengers)/ Quechua (Language that let the groups unify) Government: Empire SO: Emperor had ultimate power/ Labor tax/ Ayllu (leader of each village)/ Nobles/ Farmers Religion: Polytheistic/ Inca = "children of the sun"/ Derived from the sun/ Gold = liquid of the sun - Fall: Pizarro (Spanish Con.) 2000 BC 1000 BC 1 AD 500 AD 1000 AD 1500 AD 2000 AD MayaBegins MayaEnds IncaBegins AztecBegins AztecEnds IncaEnds Fall: Unclear/ Maybe a Drought
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