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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reached height at 250 AD Reached height at 1300 AD Reached height 1400 AD Lasted until AD 900 Lasted until 1500 AD Reasons for decline, unknown. Decline of population,invasion by Spaniards. Conquered byHernando Cortes The Mayan civilizationconsisted of multiplecity states, each ruled bydifferent people. Lasted until AD 1600 The Aztecs had anempire, with oneemperor. Mayans where polytheistic.They often had religious sacrifices. The Mayas createdcalendars, had a spokenand written language,they were alsogood astronomers. The Inca was an empirewith an emperor. The Inca were polythestic Artisans did work onmany things, such astextiles, gold-working,wood craving, andceramic works. They built impressivestructures out of stone soaccurately that it couldeven withstand earthquakes Song and poetry wherehighly regarded, by theAztecs. They built artificialislands to grow crops. Created aqueducts forfarming. And also created 19000 milesworth of road. Social ClassesHigh Class - Ruler, Merchant,Military.Middle Class - Artisans, Farmers.Low Class - Slaves. Conquered byFrancisco Pizzaro Social ClassesHigh Class - Emperor, Allyu(Village Leader.)Middle Class - FarmersLow Class - Peasants They were polytheistic, and believed in their main god Quetzalcoatl.They were also highlyreligious. Social ClassesHigh Class - Emperor, Nobles,Warriors, priests.Middle Class - Traders, farmers.Low Class - Slaves, serfs.
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