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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mayas had their peakperiod in 250 A.D. Nobody knows why the Mayans declined, but in the 900s, the Mayas abandoned many cities. The Aztecs started in around the1200s, and created their capital in 1325. In 1521, their capital was destroyed by Cortes The Incas started in the 1100s. Their peak period was in the 1400s. TheSpanish arrived in 1532, when theIncas were vulnerable Mayas Incas Impressive citiesInventorsMayan calendar roadschanneled waterarchitecturequipuswallsmedical advancesmetal workweavingcotton 3rd largest pyramidtransportation of watergold Achievements, Arts Aztecs Location and Time Period The Mayans had city-states,each with their own ruler, or king.They had split up the power,making it harder to conquer the Mayans at once. The Incas had one emperor,who held all of the power. The Aztecs had oneemperor who had complete power over the empire. Government Polytheism The Aztecs were polytheistic. Their main god was Tenochtitlan, the sun god.The Aztecs performed many sacrificial ceremonies. The Mayans were polytheistic.They thought children were thebest for sacrifice. The Incas were polytheistic.Their main god was the sun god, Into. Mayas Aztecs Incas KingsPriestsNoblesMerchantsPeasants EmperorPriestsSapa IncasNoblesChosen WomenFarmers EmperorPriestsNoblesWarriorsTradersCommonersSerfs, Slaves Social Organizations The Mayans priests had extreme power.The priest astronomerswere the ones who created the Mayancalendar. Messengers were extremely important to carry the messages along the Incan roads. The priests held extreme poweras well, they were the ones whochose the next emperor. The long-distance traders were also very powerful. Mayas Incas Aztecs maizefloodwater controlburned down forests,then replanted therelifted fields maizesquashbeanschinampas "floating gardens" terracesaqueducts foods that grow nowhere else Agriculture, Farming Methods The Incas had a spoken language (Quechua), but no written communication. They used a system of knots on quipus. The Aztecs had a spoken language and a written language in hieroglyphs The Mayans had a spoken language, and adopted awritten system as well. Literature/Literature
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