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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mayas Aztecs Incas Time Period: 1100s - 1525sPeak: 1400s Time Period: 1200s-1500sPeak: 1300s Location: HondurasBelizeGuatemalaWestern El SalvadorCentral Mexico Location:Central MexicoLake TexcocoTenochtitlan Time Period: 250s-900sPeak: 300 Location:Capital: CuscoPeruEcuadorChileAndes Mountain Lit/Arts/Academics:PyramidsMathematicsCalenderHieroglypics Lit/Arts/Academics:quipu knotted stringsno writing systemscolor fabricsterracesaqueducts Lit/Arts/Academics:Pyramid of the SunEducations gottenfeathered colthesarts not developed much Pyramid of the Sun Maya Calendar Quipu String Government:City-State Government:Indirect Rules of City-State Government:MonarchyOne Ruler (Emperor) Social Organization:Emperor - Superior PowerNoblesPriestsFarmers Social Organization:One RulerThe King chosen by priests and warriorsMerchantsSlaves Social Organization:Priests - Highest ClassMilitary LeadersPublic WorkersTax CollectorsLaw Enforcing People Religion:PolytheisticInti, the Sun God Religion:PolytheisticSpaniards (White People)were gods Religion:PolytheisticBlood Sacrifice Inti the Sun God Human Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice Longest Period of Time Medium Amount of Time Lasted the Shortest Time Period Reasons for Decline:Stopped buildingin the YucatanPeninsulawarweather Reasons for Decline:Spanish ConquestCivil WarDisease Reasons for Decline:Hernan Cortez Invasion at 1519DiseaseDishonesty-Deceit HEI:Lots of GoldLarge LandVariety of Highlands and Lowlands HEI:Machu PicchuAlpaca and LlamasIncan Road 19000 mi HEI:Avenue of Death3rd largest pyramidWatery Environmentfor growing crops By: Gene OmHumanities Block 2
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