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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Economic Goals Canadas 4) Reduced Publc Debt 3) Economic growth 2) EnvironmentalStewardship Economic Growth EnvironmentalStewardship Price Stability Political Stability FullEmployment 1) Full Employment More than $260 million for new Canada Graduate Scholarships $1 billion for Post-Secondary Education Infrastructure Trust. More than $1.8 billion in new funding committed to the Canada Foundation for Innovation to support research infrastructure. Earth Rangers Program The government is investing money into post secondary education which is injecting money into economy. . 6-7% Stake holders effected are governments, consumers, students andbusinesses. Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes to provide $3 million over three years to support the Earth Rangers Foundation to expand its existing family-oriented conservation and biodiversity programming. Protecting Natural Resources. Investing $1 billionover three years to clean federal sites. Productive resouces, Land, Labour, Capital. Natural resources = Tangible items, Natural resources are scarce Expanding CanadasNational Parks System Budget 2011 provides $5.5 million over five years forParks Canada to establish the Mealy Mountains National Park in Labrador. Stake holders affected;Businesses, consumers Tourists,Domestic Products Unemployment decreases,Inflation Increases,GDP increases Supporting advanced research and innovationto foster a vibrant entrepreneurial culture where new ideas are translated into products and services in the marketplace. Supporting families and communities by; keeping taxes low for families; and improving the safety of Canadians Helping to developnatural resources Federal Student Financial Assistance Decrease in taxes= Increase in Aggregate Demand Increase in productionpossibilities , outward shift in Production Possibility Frontier Savings and Efficiency Fisheries and Oceans Canadaidentified internal departmental efficiencies rising to $33 millionper year by 2015-16. The Department will modernize the organizational structureof its headquarters in order to provide cost-effective services to Canadians. Government is spendingmore than it is collecting= Deficit budget.Must save and borrow $ in order to get out of it 5) Price Stability Stake Holders effected;Businesses, consumers,Government Federal government invested $105 million, over two years, to support Canadas forest sector. The funding is targeted at fostering innovation and expanding market opportunities for the sector. Funding of $92 million, over two years, was announced under Budget 2013 to further support market diversification and forest sector innovation. Promoting Trade. Inflation causes dollar valueto go up, which causes Aggregate demand to decreasewhich causes recessionary period on business cycle Stake holders effected;Businesses, Government, Consumers. Stake holders effected:Businesses, ConsumersGovernment
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