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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL LIFE HOW TEENS VIEW THEIR DIGITAL LIVES IT'S A DAILY DIGITAL DIET - WE LOVE OUR SOCIAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA! 75% 23% 68% 51% 11% 68% 6% 1% EVERYDAY We,Text Visit social networking sites Send orreceive tweets Of us have a profile on a social networking site.Our main site is, Of us use at least two differenttypes of socialmedia everyday. SOCIAL NETWORKINGMAKES US FEEL BETTER THAN WORSE We feel that social networking helps ourrelationships with our friends (52%) andfamily (37%) vs. hurts our relationshipswith friends (4%) and family (2%). And it makes us feel less shy(29%) and more confident (20%) vs. more shy (3%) andless confident (4%). Only 5% of us believe thatsocial networking makes usfeel more depressed vs. 10% who feel less depressed. TALK TO ME! Our favorite way to communicate IN PERSON (49%) BY TEXT (33%) ON SOCIAL NETWORKS (7%) BY PHONE (4%) ON TWITTER (1%) WE HAVE A BAD CONNECTION... Takes away from time to time we can spendwith others face to face (34%) Distracts us from the peoplewe're with (44%) WE PREFER FACE TIME TO SCREEN TIME Talking in person is our favorite way to communicate because it's more fun and easier to understandwhat other people mean. If we can't do that, we text. Very few of us prefer social networking as our go-to way to connect, and many of us believe that using social media can interfere with face to face communication. Creates frustration when our friendspay more attention to their gadgets than to us (45%) "Moments only happen in person" "I enjoy having my friendslaugh at my jokes" "It's boring to talk to someone who has to check Facebook every 5 minutes" Many of us believe that using social media,
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