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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 & Ceramics Artist Sarah Paloma, Roxanne Jackson, and Tim Scull are all Artist that work with pottery and ceramics. Techniques Pottery Sarah Paloma like to use a pottery wheel and her hands. Both are her techniques that she likes to use when making Ceramics Tim Scull like to use pottery kiln, which is an oven used to fire pottery. This makes the pottery look glaze/shining. Roxanne Jackson like to build a solid form,wait for it to become leather hard, and then he will hollow the pieces out that he does not want. Pinch PotMade by kneading the clay and pressing it into the shape of a bowl, cup, dish, or pot.Coil PotThe clay is made into long, round clips coiled and stacked to form other shapes; the coils can be smoothed when finished or left as is to give the pottery a wicker look.Slab PotSlabs of clay are used to form clay boxes or other geometric shapes; can be combined with other hand-built techniques to make more advanced shapes double click to change this header text! double click to change this header text! 3 types of hand techniques double click to change this header text! Wheel-Thrown Pottery technique a more difficult technique than hand-built pottery and requires the use of a potters wheel. Wheel-throwers must also learn the correct amount of water to use so the clay is pliable and how keep the wheel turning at a steady rate Pottery Glaze technique This first firing hardens the clay.After applying the glaze,place the pottery piece in the kiln again. The glaze material melts at this point and sticks to the pottery, providing more protection and waterproofing the outside of the clay vessel. Pottery glaze allows potters to seal their pottery Pottery Shaping Tools Roxanne like to use Various pottery shapingtools that make forming pottery much easier.Some basic tools include a sponge,steel scraper, wire clay cutter, loop tool, ribbon tool, and needle tool. double click to change this title text! By: Jacob Hylton
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