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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Privately owned accountantVotes onservativelyNot open to Liberal ideas>The parent I actually live/have lived with. Music Mom Dad Piano has trainedme to automaticallyaccomplish what Ineed to without help.I haven't had lessons in a long time, so I've hadto work by myself toimprove. MilitaryVotes ConservativelyMore open toward Liberalideas. Christian, inconsistenly/privatelyPro-gay marriage. I was in a private school for afew years (4th-8th grade) andthat was less than a possitiveexperience for me. It conflictedwith the values that I was raisedwith (essentially to treat othersthe way I wanted to be treated)while I was bullied for being differentthan my piers and having differentopinions on matters such ashomosexuality. High school has given me a better viewon how society mightwork with all of the diverse groupsand opinions with the option to havesupport and find friends with similaropinions, values, and beliefs as me.I haven't found many peoplewho relate with me on both theconservative and liberal sides, though. Chritian.Raised me as a Christian.Against gay marriage. School Parents the many What makes Bonnie Friberg a Post-Modernist double click to change this header text! Music has been a big part of whatshaped me, especially sinceI didn't listen to whatmy mom listened to. Twenty One Pilotssupports both my Liberal tendencies(environmental issues, and otherbig government oriented stuff) but theConservative do-it-yourself attitude. Marching band has a remarkably conservative approach to things. It's a smallgovernment unto itself. It's very individual-on-a-larger-scale type of organization.I am not only responsible for myselfand my time, but we're working togetheras a whole (to shape the liberal side of me). Dad
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